Go To Paris With French Bistro Dining Decor

Visit a bit of Paris every day with the romantic and sophisticated feel that French bistro decor adds to a breakfast nook or dining area of any size. What is particularly nice about this style is that it looks expensive without costing a fortune. It doesn't require a large number of massive, elaborate pieces either. Simple items such as artwork, porcelain tiles, heavy glass table tops, and glass white boards are all you need to instantly transport yourself to Paris for an espresso or fine dining.

Glass White Boards

Glass white boards aren't just for bistro decor. They are a handy item to have in any kitchen or dining area. Write your grocery list on it, memos to each other, and even your meal plans. One benefit of glass white boards over the cardboard styles is their lifespan -- they will keep their finish far longer and still look elegant. When they start looking stained, you just need to wipe them down with a damp cloth.

For the edges, talk to the supplier about having the edges rounded off or beveled. Metal or wood framing in a rustic black can enhance the French style. A wrought iron leaf patterned frame is especially effective. If you prefer a more formal bistro style, set it onto an A-frame display easel.

Heavy Glass Table Tops

Heavy glass table tops have the unique ability to transform its look and feel depending on the rest of the decor in the room. Their simple elegance is perfect for breakfast nooks and dining spaces with very little space because they open the space up. Add interest to heavy glass table tops by setting it into a graceful black frame, etching a soft border around the edges, or topping it with table runners and placemats that have a French inspired theme.

Take extra time selecting the perfect chairs since these are a large part of the Bistro style. The first ones that are thought of with this style are Bugey chairs, but you don't have to limit yourself to this style. Louvre, Rattan, and Castille chairs fit in the theme while adding a bit of personality. If space is a huge problem for you, metal folding chairs complement the bistro style perfectly and can be folded and hidden out of the way when you don't need them.

Porcelain Tiles

For borders around bench seating, up to a chair rail, or a kitchen backsplash with French flair, porcelain tiles are the ideal accent. White or a combination of white and black tiles is perfect. One particular style of interest is handmade with three-dimensional images such as tableware, flowers, and vegetables. Hand painted styles are another great option. Best of all, these add an artistic flair to the room without using up valuable space.

French Style Artwork

One of the fun areas of Parisian bistro decor is the paintings that go with it. The streets of historic Paris, old-style kitchens, Victorian ladies enjoying tea in a garden, and country cottages all fit into this decorating style. Select your favorite pieces in a canvas print or framed prints for a touch of sophistication. It is the perfect opportunity to show off a bit of your personal taste.

Items such as heavy glass table tops, glass white boards, artwork, and tiles quickly transport your home to Paris with very little effort. You can transform the entire room at once, or you can slowly add one piece at a time until you have achieved the perfect look. Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun to create your very own French Bistro style.


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